Online PhD in PRA (Comparative Christian Theology)


Program Type

Program Type: PhD

School / Institute

School of Theology and Interfaith Studies

Study Mode

Online (Asynchonous)


Target duration: 3 to 3.5 year


This online PhD in Comparative Theology is primarily focused on comparative Christian theology but with significant coverage of world religions and interfaith studies. For this reason, this degree is specifically labeled as a PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) in Comparative Christian Theology (DCCT).

Its aim is to offer a broad, deep and objective review of the main expressions of Christian theology and ecclesial structures. This includes:

  • soteriology
  • ecclesiology
  • Reformation themes
  • major theologians.

For Roman Catholic students, it is useful to note that the degree is recognized by the Holy See under applicable UNESCO conventions. Notably, the program is also supported by several Roman Catholic priests.

The program also contains an adequate coverage of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christianity.

Academic Presentation

EUCLID’s doctoral program in comparative theology begins with a solid foundation in academic writing, research, and critical thinking. Beyond these fundamental competencies, our faculty group has identified ‘must read’ textbooks that are combined with engaging multimedia resources including lectures and debates. EUCLID’s world-class LMS platform delivers the material in a logical progression which is both academically rigorous and achievable for part-time students.

This program uses a large number of public moderated debates as learning instruments to consider comparative theology both from the perspective of apologetics as well as ecumenical convergence.

Possible areas of specialization include:

  • Comparative Liturgical studies
  • Comparative Hermeneutics
  • Ecumenical Studies
  • Dialectic and Apologetics
  • Comparative World Religions

EUCLID faculty members at work:

EUCLID is the only university to have won the UN World Interfaith Harmony Prize in 2016, delivered by H.M. King Abdullah of Jordan at the Royal Palace of Amman (below)

Below: Fr Matija Maticic presenting his doctoral dissertation via video conference at EUCLID's EU liaison office in Montpellier, France. Fr Maticic is the episcopal vicar of the Cathedral of St Vitus in Rijeka (Croatia).

Below: EUCLID is an official partner of the Ecclesiastical Order of Saint John Chrysostom whose patron is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jos.



Applicants should have a relevant Master’s degree issued by an institution listed in the UNESCO-IAU handbook/database or otherwise duly recognized/accredited. Similar or related backgrounds with adequate professional experience may be considered for Government-sponsored applicants (who are already government staff) who may be admitted without the required educational credential if their level of education and experience is deemed sufficient. EUCLID may require these participants to complete bridge courses prior to enrolling in the program. Fluency in English (spoken and written) is required and will be tested. Students are expected to be in a position to dedicate 10 to 15 effective hours of study on a weekly basis.

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Program Outline

Course Name

International Academic Writing (Doctorate)


Writing the Doctoral Dissertation: A Systematic Approach


Argumentation and Critical Thinking


Doctoral Directed Studies


Doctoral Thesis


Doctoral Thesis 1/5


Doctoral Thesis 2/5


Doctoral Thesis 2/5


Doctoral Thesis 2/5


Doctoral Thesis 3/5


Doctoral Thesis 4/5


DDIA Thesis 5/5 Final Review

Total Credit Hours (USCH):

Note: to consult the current and official curriculum/list of courses from the EUCLID CMS database, please visit: EUCLID Available Degree Programs and follow the program link.

Employment Outlook

This PhD in Comparative Christian Theology provides an outstanding academic preparation to its students for service in churches and institutions of higher learning. Its main purpose is to offer an engaging and academically sound graduate program to anyone interested in comparative theology with a significant amount of dialectical engagement, in the tradition of the European disputatio format.

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