Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a threat to higher education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a threat to higher education

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged as a transformative technology in various industries, and higher education is no exception. As the capabilities of AI continue to advance, there is an increasing concern about its potential impact on the traditional higher education system. In this blog, we will explore the role of AI as a […]


University Foundation Governing Board The Governing Board is responsible for legal and financial oversight and compliance, as well as high-level relations with governmental and intergovernmental authorities. Prof Laurent CLEENEWERCK de KIEV, President Prof Ludovic CHAN-TUNG, Vice-President Mr Habte OGBAZION, Treasurer Violet SPEK-NICHOLAS, Secretary Pr Cleenewerck de Kiev (World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize Address in Amman, […]

What is a Memorial University?

According to UNESCO, there are about 50-70 institutions of higher learning named as “Memorial” university or college, including the well-known Memorial University of Newfoundland (or simply “Memorial University”) and Lincoln Memorial University. For unknown reasons, this naming form is especially common in the Philippines. A Memorial University is typically established to honor and memorialize a […]