Our Vision


At EULER, we embrace the rich heritage of traditional European universities while pioneering the path to a modern, global education.

Rooted in centuries of academic excellence, our mission is to provide a flexible yet rigorous learning environment that honors the timeless values of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and rigorous scholarship.

Our commitment to preserving the essence of traditional European academia is reflected in our dedication to fostering a community of scholars, educators, and students who value the pursuit of knowledge as both a timeless tradition and a catalyst for innovation.

We aspire to inspire the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers by instilling in them a profound appreciation for the humanities, sciences, and arts, all while preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving world.

As stewards of this esteemed heritage, we aim to bridge the past and the future, cultivating an environment where students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds collaborate, engage in meaningful dialogue, and develop the skills necessary to address the complex global issues of today and tomorrow.

Together, we continue the legacy of traditional European universities, shaping a brighter future for all.

In summary | EULER: Bridging Tradition and Innovation for a Brighter Tomorrow


Quaere et invenies ("Seek and you shall find")

Fund. Dei Stat Firm ("Firm on God's FOUNDATION")



EULER’s utmost priority is to make its programs extremely affordable. This means a sliding tuition scale that takes into account a student’s country of origin / income level. Student debt has become a major issue in a number of countries, including the United States, India and West Africa. Delivering high-quality academic programs with a real professional outlook and minimal financial footprint is at the core of EULER’s reason to exist.


As a Memorial university bearing of the name of both Leonhard and Johann Euler as well as of the historically important University of Franeker (Universiteit van Franeker), EULER’s position is that the best of the European academic tradition rests in the constructive interaction between faith and science, specifically between the Christian worldview and it secular counterpart. Accordingly, it is a welcoming and respectful academic environment from all people of faith.

He (L. Euler) was entirely imbued with respect for religion and his piety was sincere and his devotion was full of fervor. He fulfilled with the greatest detail all the duties of a Christian. He loved everyone...

EULER is especially committed to free speech, constructive debate as means to engaged perceived errors, and the hopeful belief that individuals “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”


EULER is committed to achieving excellence for itself as an institution and for all of its students and alumni. This commitment is affirmed in a global environment characterized by grade inflation, inadequate faculty engagement, and a general tendency towards the lowering of standards. EULER student can expect to be challenged, reasonably but consistently, to achieve a recognizable level of expertise in their field of study.


EULER’s programs seek to achieve the right balance between general knowledge (“culture”) and highly-specialized competencies (energy, bioethics, epidemiology, etc.) We believe that well-rounded graduates with applicable skills will be adaptable and competitive in our challenging environment.


EULER highly values professionalism in all aspects of academic life, notably in electronic communications. Professionalism is associated with respectful and mutually constructive exchanges, especially between professors and students but also among students. This important in a context of complete openness to dialectical discussions and frank debates on issues that matter and sometime divide. Courtesy is a central attribute and quality of a successful EULER student.


EULER’s programs are designed to be achievable by working professionals of any age. This means that EULER’s is based on open-enrollment, flexible course duration (with target dates and deadlines), and asynchronous course delivery. As a result, a master’s degree could be completed in as little as 14 months but also stretched (if needed) to up to 5 years (maximum duration). For a PhD, the target duration is 3 years and the maximum duration is 7 years.


EULER’s chartered name is associated with early internationalization and globalization having its origin in Dutch commerce (16th-18th century Franeker) and international scientific research (the Eulers being Swiss but also Russian).

EULER’s MBA programs are especially “globalized” and designed to train alumni able to compete and thrive in a competitive environment. EULER’s faculty is also very international and emphasizes awareness of global issues and best practices. 

EULER is a EUCLID institute established under Section X.6 of the EUCLID Statutes (as registered and published by the United Nations Treaty Series)