Community Relations

  • EULER acknowledges its responsibility to contribute to the community, namely to the economic and social well-being of Curaçao. EULER has committed to grant scholarships to Curaçao residents and to develop (and hire) a local workforce.
  • Once this workforce is hired, they will be encouraged to support community development efforts and to actively engage with the community.
  • Information about EULER not only as a transnational institution but also as a flag-bearer of Curaçao and local economic actors will be disseminated to the community through various public media and suitable channels.
  • EULER is committed to developing and maintaining a positive image and reputation, including through this accreditation/quality assurance process.
  • As much as possible, including from a budgetary perspective, EULER will schedule community contributions aiming to encompass services and initiatives aimed at aiding individuals, organizations, or communities external to the institution. It is planned that EULER will be involved in local research or development projects and offer short online community education programs without charge in addition to the already-announced full scholarships for select Curaçao civil servants.
  1. Institutional Statement and Policies on Community Relationships: EULER deeply values the symbiotic relationship between our academic community and the local area. Recognizing the mutual benefits derived from a strong, supportive partnership, we are committed to fostering meaningful engagement with local organizations, businesses, and residents. Our initiatives range from community service projects and local economic development programs to educational outreach activities that aim to enrich both our students’ learning experiences and the well-being of our surrounding community. Through collaboration and open dialogue, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change, contributing to the social, economic, and cultural vitality of our area, thereby reinforcing a sense of shared purpose and mutual respect between the university and our community partners.
  2. Interactions with the Community:
    • Special scholarships for Curaçao civil servants.
    • Special scholarships for Curaçao permanent residents.
    • Active intention to train Curaçao permanent residents to become EULER faculty members.
    • Intention to support specific events in Curaçao.
  3. Institutional Reputation is critical to any institution of higher learning. EULER is committed to maintaining the highest level of institutional reputation by:
    • Maintain a highly trusted and credible leadership (and faculty) team.
    • Achieving AAC accreditation (and other accreditation labels as financially feasible).
    • Publishing high-quality academic and research papers under EULER’s name and logo.
    • Developing a network of highly capable alumni.
EULER is a EUCLID institute established under Section X.6 of the EUCLID Statutes (as registered and published by the United Nations Treaty Series)