Euler’s Correspondence with Bernoulli

Leonhard Euler (1667-1748) was Swiss mathematician.

Along with his brother Jacob (with whom he maintained a fierce rivalry famous to this day), Johann Bernoulli founded the Bernoulli dynasty, an impressive family of mathematicians and scientists who would do important work throughout Europe for generations.

It was Johann Bernoulli who tutored Euler in mathematics when he was young, and who started Euler on his path to scientific greatness.

Publication Information:

  • PH Fuss published 14 letters from J. Bernoulli to Euler in his Correspondance mathématique et physique de quelques célèbres géomètres du XVIIIème siècle.

The 14 letters from Johann Bernoulli to Euler from the Fuss Correspondence are available here. The Euler Archive will soon separate them into individual letters, but until then, they are presented here:

List of all known correspondence (38 letters total):

OO190 Euler to Bernoulli 05 November, 1727
OO191 Bernoulli to Euler 09 January, 1728 Copy of OO191
OO192 Euler to Bernoulli 10 December, 1728
OO193 Euler to Bernoulli 18 February, 1729
OO194 Bernoulli to Euler 18 April, 1729
OO195 Euler to Bernoulli 16 May, 1729
OO196 Euler to Bernoulli 21 October, 1729
OO197 Bernoulli to Euler 17 December, 1729
OO198 Euler to Bernoulli 22 July, 1730
OO199 Euler to Bernoulli 25 May, 1731
OO200 Bernoulli to Euler 11 August, 1731 Copy of OO200
OO201 Bernoulli to Euler 02 April, 1737 Copy of OO201
OO202 Euler to Bernoulli 27 August, 1737
OO203 Bernoulli to Euler 06 November, 1737
OO204 Euler to Bernoulli 10 December, 1737
OO205 Bernoulli to Euler 26 March, 1738
OO206 Euler to Bernoulli 26 April, 1738
OO207 Bernoulli to Euler 12 July, 1738
OO208 Euler to Bernoulli 30 July, 1738
OO209 Bernoulli to Euler 11 October, 1738
OO210 Euler to Bernoulli 20 December, 1738
OO211 Bernoulli to Euler 07 March, 1739 Copy of OO211
OO212 Euler to Bernoulli 05 May, 1739
OO213 Euler to Bernoulli 15 September, 1739
OO214 Bernoulli to Euler 09 December, 1739 Copy of OO214
OO215 Euler to Bernoulli 19 January, 1740
OO216 Bernoulli to Euler 16 April, 1740 Copy of OO216
OO217 Euler to Bernoulli 20 June, 1740
OO218 Bernoulli to Euler 31 August, 1740 Copy of OO218
OO219 Euler to Bernoulli 18 October, 1740
OO220 Bernoulli to Euler 18 February, 1741
OO221 Bernoulli to Euler 28 October, 1741 Copy of OO221
OO222 Bernoulli to Euler 15 March, 1742 Copy of OO222
OO223 Bernoulli to Euler 27 August, 1742 Copy of OO223
OO224 Bernoulli to Euler 31 March, 1743 Copy of OO224
OO225 Bernoulli to Euler April, 1744
OO226 Bernoulli to Euler 23 September, 1745 Copy of OO226
unknown classification Bernoulli to Euler 24 May 1746 Copy of letter
unknown classification Bernoulli to Euler 1 September, 1741 Copy of letter


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