Scholarship Programs

EULER strives to be an exceptionally affordable institution and yet understand the challenge of paying for the necessary investment in one’s higher education.

EULER is not in a position to refer applicants to external sources of fund but will issue official Letter of Admissibility which can be used to secure funding from banks and other sources of funding.

The following EULER scholarship are currently available. Please inquire from the Admissions Office for additional information on qualifications and procedures.

EULER Scholarship Programs:

EUCLID scholarship

Qualification: EUCLID graduate with outstanding grades applying for PhD at EULER

René Descartes Memorial Scholarship

Qualification: French student with outstanding achievement in mathematics

Prince Albert Memorial Scholarship

Qualification: Applicant with proven interest in the life and legacy of Prince Albert (of Saxe-Coburg), husband and consort of Queen Victoria

Monika de Kiev Named Scholarship

Qualification: blind student from select EU countries

Curacao Civil Servant Scholarship

Qualification: approved civil servant from government of Curacao

EULER is a EUCLID institute established under Section X.6 of the EUCLID Statutes (as registered and published by the United Nations Treaty Series)