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Apply at EULER

Please carefully note the following information before applying at EULER:

(1) you will be redirected to https://euler.university/index-euler.asp (and/or https://www.euclid.int/) before the Application and Course Management System is managed by our partner EUCLID (Euclid University)

(2) after registering (entering your personal information and then selecting a degree program), you will receive a confirmation email.

(3) be prepared to email the following information to [email protected] (only email PDF and JPG, no ZIP and no other format). It is acceptable to send several emails

  • CV/resume (PDF) — do not include or use any degrees conferred by unaccredited or unrecognized institutions. Use WHED as your whitelist or contact
  • Scan of passport (PDF or JPG)
  • Scan of degrees (PDF or JPG) and ideally transcripts (as well, as available)
  • If possible, samples of papers, thesis, etc.

(4) The Admissions team will review your application within one week and communicate with you if any additional documents are needed. An interview (on Zoom) may be required.

(5) As of 2023-2024, Applicants are applying at both EULER (Euler-Franeker Memorial University) and EUCLID (via the Euler-Franeker Memorial University Institute which is part of EUCLID). Until AAC accreditation is completed for EULER (Euler-Franeker Memorial University), all degrees are confer exclusively under the authority of EUCLID (not EULER). After completion of AAC accreditation, all graduates will be eligible for both EUCLID and EULER degrees as they both have their unique advantages.