What is the typical format of a course at EULER?


Students should be familiar with the way EULER structures each course: every course has been broken down into seven periods. This makes sense because many universities using the semester unit also break down a semester into seven 2-week periods. The EULER approach enables a straightforward comparison between on-campus programs in our online programs. However, it is not meant that a EULER study period must last 2 weeks. EULER has done a logical breakdown into seven periods but the actual duration of a study period can vary based on the type of course, the productivity of the student, and other factors. It is the overall course that has a target date and deadline, not the individual study period.

The first 5 periods are considered study periods because a study material is assigned to be studied (this is typically not the case for periods 6 and 7). In most cases, the study material takes the form of one PDF (which can be a full textbook, parts of a textbook, or a selection of journals and other materials compiled by EULER) supplemented by one or more videos. The LMS portal, which has a page for each period, will indicate whether the material is mandatory or supplemental/optional.