Who confers the degrees? EUCLID or EULER or both? Are these joint or dual degrees?


As of 2023, EULER programs result in the issuance of a degree conferred by EUCLID (Euclid University / Pôle Universitaire Euclide), a fully recognized and accredited intergovernmental university (under United Nations Treaty Series).

For more information on EUCLID, its legal status and accreditation, please visit:

The ETA for EULER to also confer degrees in its own name and under its already approved charter is 12/2024, post AAC accreditation. Even post AAC accreditation, EULER students will remain eligible to receive two degrees: one from EULER (Euler-Franeker Memorial University) and another from EUCLID (Euclid University) (intergovernmental).

Note on Degree Issuance:

Even though EULER has also received (2023) its own degree-granting charter from the Ministry of Education of Curacao (part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), it does not as of yet confer degrees under  its own name (Euler-Franeker Memorial University) but rather (see below), degrees are conferred by EUCLID (Euclid University) with the additional logo of the Euler-Franeker Memorial University Institute.

As a chartered university, EULER (Euler-Franeker Memorial University – not the Institute) is subject to AAC (Accreditation Agency Curacao) as the official accrediting body.

Until AAC accreditation is completed (~2024), EULER will continue to confer its degrees through EUCLID, after which time dual and joint degrees will be conferred to graduates.