Is EULER a Dutch university?

Mostly yes, as the adjective Dutch does apply, even though Willemstad (Curacao) is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands but not the Netherlands (as the ‘mainland’). Also, EULER has requested and inherited the legacy of the University of Franeker, which is an important part of its institutional and academic DNA. However, EULER is not […]

Are Dutch universities prestigious?

We asked this question to an AI bot: Yes, Dutch universities are world-renowned for their high-quality teaching and research. The Netherlands has some of the oldest universities in the world and is known for its highly-ranked medical schools, engineering schools, law schools, and business schools. Six universities in the Netherlands are ranked in the top […]

Who confers the degrees? EUCLID or EULER or both? Are these joint or dual degrees?

As of 2023, EULER programs result in the issuance of a degree conferred by EUCLID (Euclid University / Pôle Universitaire Euclide), a fully recognized and accredited intergovernmental university (under United Nations Treaty Series). For more information on EUCLID, its legal status and accreditation, please visit: EUCLID Accreditation The ETA for EULER to also confer degrees in […]

How does EUCLID relate to EULER (and vice-versa)?

EUCLID is an intergovernmental organization with a university mandate/charter established in 2008. Over the years, EUCLID developed several institutes (in accordance with its statutes), including the Euler-Franeker Memorial University Institute, which would lay the foundations of a fully autonomous and separate university with its own Charter and specificities. EUCLID supported the development of EULER between […]

How does EULER address plagiarism? What are the expectations?

This note seeks to address the dangerous misunderstanding EULER and EUCLID instructors often notice as to what constitutes plagiarism vs acceptable use of third-party text. For instance, suppose we find this sentence in a paper (in bold): The mechanisms of how resilience works generally imply intrinsic complex feedback loops of the systems; such loops absorb […]

What is the typical format of a course at EULER?

Students should be familiar with the way EULER structures each course: every course has been broken down into seven periods. This makes sense because many universities using the semester unit also break down a semester into seven 2-week periods. The EULER approach enables a straightforward comparison between on-campus programs in our online programs. However, it […]

What rule of style is used at EULER and it is mandatory? Is APA OK?

EULER, like EUCLID, uses the Turabian rule of style. The required format is parenthetical references for Response Papers and footnotes for Major Papers. Students must use Zotero to insert/manage references when writing a Major Paper or Thesis/Dissertation. APA is not used at EULER or EUCLID.

Do students receive or attend live and scheduled lectures?

No, because our students span the world’s time zones and are often working professionals with scheduling constraints. However, students have access to pre-recorded lectures and videos on the LMS page for each course/period. Students also have live (Zoom-based) interactions with the assigned professor/faculty member at the end of the course (and upon request, one session […]