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Academic Philosophy
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EULER = Exceptional Academic Rigor

Our goal is to deliver exceptional distance-learning higher
education programs in specialized academic fields,
training students to make every written assignment
publishable-grade and compliant with EULER’s standards
of academic rigor.

At the Crossroads of Tradition and Modernity

EULER’s vision as a “Memorial” university is to revive the tradition
of scientific rigor, disputatio (formal debate) and socio-spiritual
engagement of Europe’s great universities, notably of the original
Franeker University which delivered extraordinary education
between 1585 and 1811 . EULER benefits from the financial,
technological and academic support of an intergovernmental
organization to resume and engage a great tradition of global
academic excellence.

Master's Level Programs @EULER

World-Class Faculty

EULER’s vision is to connect eager-to-learn students with dedicated faculty members/professors who are committed to engaging interactions. Reply time to email is under 3 business days and students get to experience not only video recordings but also face-to-face interactions with their instructors, including in the final oral exam (conducted over Zoom).

All EULER’s faculty members have a proven record of teaching excellent through their previous and ongoing affiliation with Euclid University as well as other respected institutions such as UCLA, etc.

All EULER faculty members participate in EULER’s LinkedIn network and all biographies/profile are posted online and regularly updated.

EULER is always looking for faculty members in specialized fields such as bioethics, climate studies, earth sciences, etc. Please visit our employment page for more information. Residents of Willemstad (and region) as well as The Hague and Friesland are especially encouraged to apply and join.